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valdemar_chosen's Journal

Queen's Own
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Welcome to Velgarth Costuming, a Valdemar costuming site. It is a place full of people as obsessed as you and want to prove it but posting pictures of themselfs in their whites.

1. Do not curse every other word. I mean, I say Hellfire and damn, but so does Vanyel so it's ok. Sorry. I mean say it when you really mean it. You can also use fun Tayledras/Shin'a'in words.
2. Do not steal anyone's work and try to stay on topic.
3. Please use some type of grammar and try to spell. That means everyone. (Especially you Mish!)
4. No mean comments about me talking to air/random herald. I do that. It's my choice, not yours.
5. May add more later.